Babboe's breaking cargo bikes

Years of complaints about broken frames.
Ban on sales imposed after accidents. Manufacturer who failed to timely report to the NVWA authority.
Are rider's and child's safety at risk? Have you had high repair costs?

Birkway is investigating whether cargo bike owners can get compensation.

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What is the problem?

On 9 Feb 2024 RTL News reported: Babboe cargo bikes break with great regularity.

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) has obliged cargo bike manufacturer Babboe to immediately stop selling all cargo bikes. The company must also recall cargo bikes.

Babboe has received many complaints about broken frames in recent years. Babboe should have investigated the causes and reported them to the NVWA. Babboe failed to do so.

We are investigating whether cargo bike owners can get compensation. To do so, we need to take stock of how many victims there are, what problems they are experiencing and what their damages consist of. Buyers of other types of Babboe cargo bikes (not covered by the recall) may also be eligible for compensation.

Signing up does not commit you to anything. We are only taking stock of the number of victims. If many victims come forward, we are more likely to be able to claim compensation for all of them.

Babboe must recall the following types of cargo bikes.

Babboe City/ City-E/ City Mountain

Babboe Curve/ Curve-E/ Curve Mountain

Babboe Big/ Big-E

Babboe Dog/ Dog-E

Babboe Max-E

Babboe Mini-E/ Mini Mountain

Babboe Pro Trike/ Trike-E/ Trike XL

Babboe Carve-E/ Carve Mountain



The law specialists at Birkway are making a case for groups of victims seeking compensation for their losses. These damages may have been caused by: the purchase of a cargo bike,, a sham diesel automobile, a misleading policy or misinformation about shares.

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